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Connolly Station Sligo


Today, Sat, 25th October

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This Afternoon

Irish Rail
Leaves in 27 minutes

16:00 Departs Connolly Station


19:09 Arrives Sligo

Total journey time 3 hrs, 9 minutes

This Evening

Irish Rail
Leaves in 1 hr, 32 minutes

17:05 Departs Connolly Station


20:06 Arrives Sligo

Total journey time 3 hrs, 1 minute
Irish Rail

19:05 Departs Connolly Station


22:09 Arrives Sligo

Total journey time 3 hrs, 4 minutes


Upcoming Lift Shares

Fri, 21st Nov 2014 (4 weeks time)

Request: Dublin Airport to Sligo by Owen_Mceldowney

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