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Dublin Airport Kilkenny

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Car Hire from Dublin Airport
↪ Return to Dublin Airport on Sun, 14th April at 10:00 am
Private Transfer to Kilkenny
Private pickup from Dublin Airport and direct transfer to anywhere in county Kilkenny for up to 8 people:
59.90 per person
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Thu, 4th April

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Early Morning

J.J. Kavanagh Coaches
Bus Stop

02:00 Departs Dublin Airport


03:45 Arrives Kilkenny Castle, Ormond Road

Total journey time 1 hr, 45 minutes


Lift sharing offer by Bbarang

Runs Every Thursday

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Total journey time approximately 1 hour


Upcoming Lift Shares

Thu, 4th April (3 months time)

Dublin Airport to Kilkenny by Algamise

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Every Thursday

14:00 Dublin Airport to Kilkenny by Bbarang

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11:00 Dublin Airport to Kilkenny by Damienkeating1769

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Dublin Airport to Kilkenny by Suzy1Stan

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