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Dublin Airport Spire

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Today, Thu, 23rd Jan 2020

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Bus Éireann (via Ballough)
Bus Stop

05:50 Departs Dublin Airport


06:09 Arrives Ballough Opposite Man of War

Journey time 19 minutes

Walking Map9 minutes to walk between stops


06:18 Departs Ballough Man of War


06:57 Arrives Spire

Journey time 39 minutes
Total journey time 1 hr, 7 minutes
Bus Éireann (change at Ashbourne)
Bus Stop

06:40 Departs Dublin Airport


07:02 Arrives Ashbourne Johns Wood

Transfer Map35 meters between stops

07:14 Departs Ashbourne Opposite Johns Wood


07:50 Arrives Spire

TFI Leap Card can be used on the 103 service. Buy online at
Total journey time 1 hr, 10 minutes


All of today's journeys have departed. View Dublin Airport to Spire tomorrow.


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