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Get There Limited is a small startup with an outsized mission — to make it ridiculously easy for people to find out how to get from A to B. We want to make it radically easier and more pleasant to use shared transport, to help promote innovative new ways of travelling (think self-driving cars or commuter buses summoned from your phone) and to maximize the overall system efficiency of transport.

To do all that we need to provide the best service that we can to the transport user, from journey planning right up to ticket purchase. We wouldn't exist without a solid foundation of great tech, but to succeed we need to bring a whole range of new skills and experience on board.

As a startup, we've got to maximize the resources available to us, and although we'd prefer not to, we will need to fill some of these positions on an internship/trial basis for the first months. Salary and renumeration is negotiable and we may have to get creative! Please get in contact even if you've high salary expectations as our revenue is growing — we can raise extra funding to support your position.

Help bring our service to new customers and new markets. You like having the freedom and scope to attract new business and build partnerships across languages and cultures. You might suspect you have secret superpowers reaching and convincing decision makers in large, lumbering organisations. You are results driven and can see the big picture.

As this is a startup position, we are not only looking at proven candidates who have all of the experience under their belts, but also people who are fresh in their career and ready to make their mark.

Key Skills:

  • Solid sales experience; you've got hustle!
  • Qualified or currently studying in either sales or marketing. You might even have thought an MBA was a good idea!
  • Experience building partnerships in the transport or related sectors
  • Knowledge of the online digital marketing and affilitate landscape


You're a stickler for detail and you know that the service lives and dies on the accuracy of the underlying data. You can project yourself into the mind of the forlorn passenger and take pride in helping them on their way, giving that extra help as if they stopped to ask you directions on the street. You are happy to interface directly with bus and rail operators to build good relationships and keep on top of updates or clarify timetable changes. You might have some programming experience (even excel macros) or wish to learn in order to automate some of your tasks or dive in and improve the tools you are using.

Key Skills:

  • Attention to detail! You're first to spot spelling mistakes or inconsistencies
  • Empathy — if the passenger is confused or angry, 99.9% of the time it's our fault. You are able to get past the surface and figure out what we need to fix


Help shape our identity and launch into new markets! Embody our core values into a coherent message with a vibrant voice across all channels. Devise our social media and online strategy and execute on your plan, with the goal of engaging users and getting our offering in front of new mass markets. Activate our 250K monthly visitor base to foster a community and support and promote our customer-to-customer lift sharing platform.

Key Skills:

  • Campaigning & community engagement
  • Social media & blogging


Work with the founder as one of the first key technical hires to expand our service to other countries and solve problems at web scale. You know your way around SQL, JavaScript, Python, CSS and the linux shell. You've not just dabbled in web frameworks; you also have experience diving in and getting productive quickly in existing complex codebases. You can resist the urge to rewrite on first sight, but know when something needs to be ripped up and redone.

Tech stack:

  • TurboGears 1.5 (SQLAlchemy, CherryPy, Genshi)
  • Postgresql & Postgis
  • Redis
  • JavaScript (advanced level)
  • Open Street Map (custom deployment)


Contact Details

Send us your CV and details of past experience or projects you've worked on via email to