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Kilkenny Carlow


Today, Fri, 21st Nov 2014

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Bus Éireann
Leaves in 21 minutes
Bus Stop

21:30 Departs Ormonde House Ormonde Road

21:40 Picks up Railway Station

Drops off Carlow I.T., Opposite Main Entrance


22:15 Arrives Carlow Barrack Street

Total journey time 45 minutes


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Monday to Friday

08:00 Kilkenny to Carlow I.T. by Mariewlashe
08:00 Kilkenny to Carlow by Oaksok

Any Day

Kilkenny to Itcarlow by Laura hunt
Kilkenny to Carlow by snowdaisy

Feedback and Comments

  • Andrew Orr, 4 months, 1 week ago:

    Hi, my daughter missed the Kavanagh Kilkenny Carlow bus today because your timetable states that it leaves the Kilkenny Castle at 17.45, but in fact it leaves at 17.30.

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