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Swinford Westport


Today, Tue, 22nd Jan 2019

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Bus Éireann & Irish Rail (via Castlerea)
Bus Stop

07:38 Departs Main Street


09:05 Arrives Castlerea

Journey time 1 hr, 27 minutes

Walking Map45 minutes to take a 10 minute walk between stops


09:50 Departs Castlerea


10:55 Arrives Westport

Journey time 1 hr, 5 minutes
Total journey time 3 hrs, 17 minutes
Bus Éireann & Irish Rail (via Claremorris)
Bus Stop

13:50 Departs Main Street


14:42 Arrives Claremorris Dalton Street

Journey time 52 minutes

Walking Map34 minutes to take a 5 to 10 minute walk between stops


15:16 Departs Claremorris


15:54 Arrives Westport

Journey time 38 minutes
Total journey time 2 hrs, 4 minutes


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  • john, 1 month, 3 weeks ago:

    This route is no longer in use? Bus never came last sat night

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