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Cork Cork Institute of Technology


Today, Wed, 30th Sept

Tomorrow »


Bus Éireann
Leaves in 1 minute
Bus Stop

23:48 Departs Parnell Place, Cork City Bus Station, stop 243171

23:51 Picks up Princes Street, stop 240501

23:53 Picks up Mercy University Hospital, Washington Street, stop 240511

23:54 Picks up Mercy University Hospital, Lancaster Quay, stop 240521

23:55 Picks up UCC, Western Road, stop 240531

23:56 Picks up UCC, Donovan's Road, stop 241731

23:57 Picks up UCC, Food Science, stop 241751

23:58 Picks up UCC, Bon Secours Hospital, stop 241951

Drops off Rossa Avenue, stop 241821


00:05 (next day) Arrives Cork Institute of Technology stop 210231

Total journey time 17 minutes

Tomorrow AM

Bus Éireann
Leaves in 14 minutes
Bus Stop

00:01 Departs Grand Parade, stop 240691

Drops off Cork Institute of Technology CIT, stop 210201

Drops off Allendale Avenue, stop 241831

Drops off Melbourne Road, stop 242011


23:49 Arrives Cork Institute of Technology Rossa Avenue, stop 241851

Total journey time 23 hrs, 48 minutes

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