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See more journeys to Belfast at Dublin Airport to Belfast. have an overview of Covid 19 Updates. Always double check with your operator prior to travel (we have only crossed out those services that we know are cancelled)

Aircoach services are suspended until at least August. See Coronavirus Update on for updates.


Dublin Airport Belfast City Hospital Station

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↪ Return to Dublin Airport on Thu, 16th July at 10:00 am

Today, Sun, 5th July

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Runs Every Sunday

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Total journey time approximately 1 hour
Air Coach
Bus Stop

00:00 Departs 11 11a


01:50 Arrives Belfast Europa Bus Centre ->W

Journey time 1 hr, 50 minutes

Walking Map10 to 15 minute walk to Belfast City Hospital Station from Belfast




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Every Sunday

00:00 Dublin Airport to Belfast by Patrick950818

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