Lift Share Guidelines

How to Keep Safe While Lift Sharing

  • Inform a friend or family member: you should always tell someone that you will be engaging in carsharing and inform them as much as possible about who you are travelling with, what time and to where you intend to go.
  • Avoid exchanging home addresses: Meet with your carshare contact in a public place before you carshare – for extra safety, try and organise for someone else to accompany you until you meet them.
  • Show each other I.D.: passports, student cards or driving licences - so you know you are travelling with the right person.
  • Character references: If you want for your carshare to provide references then contact them and ask for one. Make sure to follow up on them.
  • Documents: If you want to see the driver's driving license and insurance certificate, you should let the driver know beforehand, as you cannot guarantee they will have these items with them.
  • Vehicle details: Passengers should ask the driver for the model, colour and car registration beforehand and should not get in the car if these do not correspond to what was provided on the phone. For extra safety you can leave this information with a family or friend.
  • Keep it simple: don't commit to carshare for a year with someone you've just met.See how it works out before making any long-term commitments.
  • Keep private: allows you to interact securely with others so there is no need for you to give out your mobile number or email address, you can maintain your privacy and still communicate via the site.
  • Trust your instincts: if you feel uneasy or uncomfortable about something then don't do it. You are under no obligation and you don't have to do something just to be 'polite'. If you are not happy with your situation there are always many alternatives including finding a new carsharing partner.

Communication and Etiquette

  • Discuss everything beforehand: You will need to clearly communicate your needs and boundaries with your carshare contact as early as possible. This will allow for a transparent agreement where both needs are met. Never assume something – always ask.
  • Set ground rules: Discuss with your carshare contact potential issues that may arise and how they will be dealt with, e.g. how long one of you will wait if the other is late (we suggest no more than 10 minutes, unless previously arranged).
  • Driver decides: The driver should have final say on the choice of music/radio station, food bans, etc. Again we would recommend this is discussed beforehand as some forms of music or driving habits may not suit you.
  • Things happen: It is understandable that situations will arise from time to time that may interfere with your arrangements. If you're not going to make your pickup or collection you need to call those involved immediately. If changes or interferences keep arising, this may cause too much complication for your carsharer so be prepared for them to find cancel your arrangement and find other people to carshare with.
  • General etiquette: You have to remember that you are engaging in a carsharing arrangement – be polite and refrain from disucssing beliefs or using language/remarks that may potentially offend your carsharer and keep your personal problems to yourself!